Announcing: DAPSS

Members of the Astronomy, Planetary and Space Sciences community,

We are happy to announce the establishment of the Division of Astronomy, Planetary and Space Sciences of the Israel Physical Society. This organization is committed to advancing these fields in Israel, as well as the development of the community and of the careers of young members.

We invite you to join DAPSS, at no cost, via this address:, and enjoy the various benefits offered by the Division.

On this web site you will also find useful information, such as news and events, a job register for positions in our field, and a calendar of relevant events throughout Israel.

We encourage you to take part and help us nurture the field and community. The first executive committee (listed below) was appointed by the Israel Physical Society. In the future, we plan to hold elections to fill these positions.

We also wish to take this opportunity to invite submissions to the Astronomy, Planetary and Space Sciences sessions of the 2021 IPS Meeting. Abstract submissions are due by 22/1/2021. The conference will be held virtually on 22/2/2021.  More information can be found here.



Prof. Oded Aharonson, DAPSS Chair
Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Weizmann Institute of Science

Dr. Orly Gnat, DAPSS Vice Chair
Senior Lecturer, Racah Institute of Physics
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Iair Arcavi, DAPSS Secretary-Treasurer
Senior Lecturer, School of Physics and Astronomy
Tel Aviv University

Roy Naor, DAPSS Student Representative
Graduate Student, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Weizmann Institute of Science